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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Club Industry Recruitment Website -

Barringtons and ClubsNSW have had great success with the industry website. Place your job adverts FREE. When we say FREE we mean FREE. There are no strings attached and no hidden agendas.

Barringtons have been part of the club industry family now for over 24 years. We enjoy the business relationships and long standing friendships – this website is our thanks to the industry in appreciation. As it stands today there are over 150 job seekers (and growing daily) on the site who are ready to start or continue a career in the industry and 70 clubs have registered. Barringtons is focused on developing career paths for individuals currently working in, entering or considering employment in the club industry. One of our key drivers is to develop Australian club leaders in hospitality with emphasis on delivering service excellence to their club communities. Barringtons are supported by ClubsNSW in this exciting and ground-breaking venture. As you are aware the Club Industry employs over 96,000 people nationally with scope for personal development and a diversity of job roles second to none. In conjunction with ClubsNSW, we deliver accredited hospitality, business and management training. As well as providing industry education for all levels, the program provides access to industry experts whose goal is to guide those seeking a Pathway To Excellence. Check out the fee free job site here. Register as an employer or job seeker here. Blayne Webb, Director, Barringtons  
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