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9 Core Components in a Pre-Employment Background Check

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

9 Core Components in a Pre-Employment Background Check

From an article by Leo Ma: 

Nowadays, many organizations are doing all sorts of different pre-employment background checks. However, as this is still a fairly new industry,  many still do not have a clue of what a pre-employment background checks are about. Here are some common pre-employment screening components together with a brief description:

1. Criminal record check: Check to see if the job candidate has committed any crime in the past.

2. Civil litigation record check: Check to see if the job candidate has been sued in any civil cases. 

3. Reference Check: Speak with the previous supervisors to know more about the job candidate's work performance.

 4. Employment verification: Verify with the Human Resources department about the previous work history details. 

5. Education verification: Check to see if the certificate, diploma, degree and professional designation list on resume are true or not.

6. Bankruptcy record check: Check to see if he or she has declared bankruptcy in the past.

7. Credit history report: view the credit history report to assess the job candidate's current financial status. You can see if he or she had a history of not repaying loans. 

8. Directorship record check: Check to see if the he or she is a director of a competing firm.

9. Media search: Check to see if the job candidate's name is appearing in the media. 

Different positions or industries require different level of due diligence. Pick and choose the components that fit with your pre-employment background check process. 


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Blayne Webb, Director, Barringtons

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