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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Importance of Background Checks


From an Article by Dmitry Fedosev :


The use of background report is becoming a common phenomenon in today's job market. The corporate world is requiring all its employees or job applicants to undertake checks to ensure all the information they provide is truthful. 

The need for caution is even more now than earlier mainly because of safety and security measures. No matter the status or position of your employment, a check into one's life has to be done. Fear has risen among employees who worry that employers can go digging up information that does not relate to a job or vacancy. 

In their defense the employers indicate that they are only being cautious. To understand this concept, first we need to know why these checks are necessary to employers. The market today calls for a thorough background report of employees hence companies or organisation follow suit. To prevent lawsuits that may otherwise arise due to inappropriate hiring of staff, background checks help to counter this. 

Due to the significance of their jobs; executives, directors or officers require tougher screening than the rest. They have access to large resources and a considerable amount of power thus the need for caution.

Applicants today may tend to falsify their resume so as to make it appear fit for a certain job description. They try to prey on the knowledge that employers don't have the time to run checks on them. The advent of modern technology has made it cheaper and faster to vet an employee or applicant. 

A background check often includes the credit records, bankruptcy status, medical records, driving records, educational records, criminal records, vehicle registration, court records, property ownership, and personal references, past employers, drug test records, incarcerations records, military records, character references and state licensing records. 

Information that is not usually included is criminal history, any arrests that may have taken place in the life of an individual, bankruptcy status though it is usually public knowledge and any compensation that an employee may have been awarded in the past. 

Permission is required by employers to access certain records that include medical, educational and military service. Proper procedure has to be followed by employers in conducting this kind of process. It requires the permission of the applicant or employee as stated in the law. In most cases, falsifying a resume is a criminal offence and the employer can take measures against the falsifying party. 


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Blayne Webb, Director, Barringtons

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