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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Sydney Club Manager Imprisoned for Fraud - Castle Hill RSL Club

FraudIn December 2011, Barringtons were engaged by Castle Hill RSL Club after the club identified significant variances in the gaming department. Barringtons conducted a protracted investigation which identified the club’s Gaming Manager, Mr Antonio Brindisi had manipulated gaming data to cover up a sophisticated fraud he had been committing over a five month period between July 2011 and November 2011. Jason Fullerton, Executive Manager – Clubs, from Barringtons who undertook the investigation, presented a brief of evidence to the NSW Police Force who shortly after charged Brindisi with numerous counts of Steal Property as a Clerk/Servant. Mr Fullerton said, "This is one of the more sophisticated frauds I have seen over the past 16 years I've been conducting investigations in the liquor and gaming industries and involved multiple levels of manipulation throughout the club." On 26 March 2013 Brindisi was convicted of 9 counts of Steal Property as a Clerk/Servant totalling $76,673.70. The matter was adjourned until today, 21 May 2013 for sentence at which time Brindisi was imprisoned for 12 months. Mr Fullerton was delighted with the result and said, "Today’s decision is a win for the club industry against corrupt behaviour. Quite often frauds within this industry are portrayed as victimless crimes and on occasions we see this type of fraud fall through the cracks and those people moving on to other clubs, only for fraudulent events to continue. Clubs support their communities and every dollar that is taken is a dollar which can't be invested by the club back into their communities or members facilities. Castle Hill RSL Club are a huge support to the community of Castle Hill and I am thrilled the club received the appropriate justice today." The court has also ordered Brindisi repay $76,673.70 in compensation within six months. Learn more about Barringtons Fraud Investigation Service here. Blayne Webb, Director, Barringtons
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