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Health and Safety Representative Gap Training

Thursday, 13 December 2012

Health and Safety Representative Gap Training

From the WorkCover NSW Newsletter: 

Health and safety representative training  Approved work health and safety training assists health and safety representatives (HSRs) to understand and fulfil their role and functions.  However training is not compulsory. HSRs are entitled to choose and attend an approved five day training course in work health and safety and a one day refresher course each year during their term of office. The person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) is required to:

  • pay the course fees
  • pay any other reasonable costs to attend training
  • allow the HSR to attend training within three months of the request.
In the case of multiple business work groups, the costs are shared between the PCBUs unless they agree otherwise. HSR training courses can also be accessed by other members of your organisation such as health and safety committee members, managers and supervisors to assist them in understanding the legislation relating to consultation and the important role of HSRs in the workplace. 

Get information on Barringtons Work Health and Safety Consultation Training here.

Blayne Webb, Director, Barringtons  

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