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ATM Skimming Devices - What to Look For

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

ATM Skimming Devices - What to Look For

Look around the ATM machine to make sure there are not any skimming devices before withdrawing cash. Some are hard to detect, as they are manufactured to fit the ATM machine perfectly.

Although it is recommended to look for the device, it is better to protect your PIN number. This is because the scammers cannot withdraw any cash without the PIN number. To protect the PIN number, simply cover the PIN from above with your hand or other things, such as a magazine or newspaper. 

Another measure you can use to reduce skimming fraud is to change your password frequently. Also, it is advisable to always check  bank and credit card statements in order to detect unusual transactions -- for example, payments they did not authorize. If an unusual transaction is discovered, they should report it to their financial institution immediately. 

Devices attached to a cash machine record a card's magnetic stripe, which can be uploaded to a blank ATM card and used to commit fraud. The devices used can be smaller than a deck of cards and are attached in close proximity to, or covering the top of the ATM’s card reader.

PIN capturing is the process of placing strategically positioned cameras and other imaging devices to capture cardholder’s PIN numbers. The blank ATM card with now encoded data and the PIN are used to withdraw cash from accounts. Ask yourself, "does the ATM look normal – are there any unusual additions, markings or changes in  the regular appearance of the ATM?  

Are there any marketing/pamphlet holders placed around the ATM? Is there any evidence of tampering at the machine, eg. glue residue, exposed wires, double-sided tape remnants? 

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Blayne Webb, Director, Barringtons

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