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Nine in 10 Telstra Bullying Complaints Invalid

Monday, 5 September 2016

Nine in 10 Telstra Bullying Complaints Invalid

From a post by HR daily:

Nine in 10 discrimination and bullying complaints Telstra faced in 2015–16 were either withdrawn or unsubstantiated, according to its sustainability report.

The report shows that in FY16, there were 197 reported cases of discrimination and bullying within the organisation – six fewer than the previous year. As at 30 June 2016, 16 cases were open with ongoing investigations and 198 cases, including 17 reported in FY15, were closed with the following outcomes:

  • 20 (10.1%) were substantiated and Telstra took action against the respondents, in the form of verbal, written and final warnings, coaching, or termination;
  • 159 (80.3%) were found unsubstantiated, but in some cases prompted training or mediation; and
  • 19 (9.6%) were either withdrawn by the complainant or the investigation couldn't be completed because, for example, involved parties resigned.

The report also says that in a bid to improve workplace health and wellbeing, Telstra trained nearly 5,000 employees and managers in resilience to help them manage stress, and address mental health issues.

Some 2,040 completed an associated survey that provided them with a personal mental health and resilience action plan.

"In response to the survey results we have run face-to-face and online workshops on coping strategies and healthy sleep this year," the report says.

2016 Sustainability Report, Telstra, August 2016

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Blayne Webb, Director, Barringtons



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