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Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) - Barringtons RTO "Demonstrated Consistently Compliant"

Monday, 31 October 2016

Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) - Barringtons RTO "Demonstrated Consistently Compliant"

Barringtons Training Services are pleased to announce that ASQA has assigned it the highest level of compliance under its 6 categories of compliance.

The Compliance History indicator is based on information about compliance found through audits and complaints, and also takes into account a provider’s ability to meet standard reporting and payment requirements. A provider’s Compliance History is an indicator of the provider’s historical compliance with core regulatory obligations.

ASQA assigns one of six Compliance History categories to each provider.

Each provider’s Compliance History is updated regularly and may change as a result of new information.

Compliance History

What it means

Demonstrated consistently compliant

The provider has an ongoing history of meeting their regulatory obligations.

Presumed compliant

The provider appears to be meeting their regulatory obligations, but has not been recently tested, say through an audit.

Generally compliant

The provider occasionally fails to meet their regulatory obligations but has been able to rectify when required.

Demonstrated rarely compliant

The provider has a repeated history of failing to meet their regulatory obligations


The provider has a current condition, sanction, suspension or part rejection imposed on their registration


Providers who have been registered for less than one year and have not been audited or received a complaint.

This indicator is solely a reflection of a provider’s recent record of compliance in meeting its core regulatory obligations.

A provider’s Compliance History is drawn from the following information:

  • audit history
  • complaint history
  • compliance with data provision requirements
  • payments to ASQA of fees and charges, and
  • submission of the annual declaration on compliance

ASQA has published a

Fact sheet—Provider risk & Compliance History

which explains how this indicator is used.

Congratulations and thanks to all the staff who have contributed to Barringtons receiving this outstanding rating:

Jennifer Willis, Reyna Mendes, Despina Moutzouris, Kay Moultrie, Debbie Ryan and Katarina Taylor.

Learn about Barringtons Training Courses here.

Barrington Group Director, Blayne Webb



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