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Inconsistent reference checks raise discrimination risks

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Inconsistent reference checks raise discrimination risks

From a post by hrdaily:

Inconsistencies in how HR managers and recruiters check candidate references exposes employers to "significant" risk of discrimination claims, according to new research from Xref.

The study of 1,000 Australian candidates found nearly a third of their referees were asked for inappropriate details, including the candidate's age (15%), whether they had children (11%), their marital status (10%) and their sexual orientation (7%).

It also found nearly three in four (71%) candidates were "exploiting flaws" in reference checking processes, and 42 per cent used "a variety of deliberately deceptive methods" to obtain a job.

Some 33 per cent of candidates named an inappropriate person as their most recent reference, 23 per cent had actively encouraged a referee to lie on their behalf, and 16 per cent used a friend as a referee.

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Blayne Webb, Director, Barringtons




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