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Compliance Case Study: Property Maintenance, Carpentry and General Construction White Card

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Compliance Case Study: Property Maintenance, Carpentry and General Construction White Card

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A contractor of one of our suppliers registered as a sole trader with the title Property Maintenance.

All of the company compliances uploaded into Smartek met the client’s requirements without issue.

However, the principal uploaded a carpentry license as an employee compliance as part of his employee licensing requirements. He then proceeded to register additional staff as labourers with no employee qualifications of licenses requirements for each.

This activity raised two concerns.

1)         The company had registered as a sole trader where workers compensation was not required. As such this supplier did not have workers compensation as it was not a requirement by law for a sole trader. Therefore, there was no Workers Compensation insurance covering the additional staff that he had listed as labourers.

2)         As the principal was a carpenter, it raised the possibility that he may have been undertaking carpentry works under the scope of what they called “property maintenance” which is classified under WHS legislation as construction. Therefore, he and each of the additional staff that he had registered would need to obtain a white card (general construction induction card).

The Smartek team contacted the supplier and explained the concerns surrounding the workers compensation insurance for staff and the requirement for white cards for construction work. The supplier acknowledged these concerns and agreed that he would have to consider workers compensation insurance for any additional staff and white cards.

The Smartek team were able to ensure that the principal was immediately bought to a level of compliance in line with our mutual client’s expectations to ensure that he could continue to service the client for smaller jobs without the need for additional staff.

The additional staff remained non-compliant until the supplier was able to determine appropriate compliance requirements balanced with his client needs and business operations.

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Blayne Webb, Director, Barringtons



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