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Strategies to Help Address Gender Bias - Latest Reports

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Strategies to Help Address Gender Bias - Latest Reports

From an hrdaily post:

Establishing team-based working groups where members are of mixed genders but equal status, and must cooperate and collaborate to achieve a common goal – increasing gender inclusion to improve business outcomes, for example – could improve equality at both an interpersonal and organisational level, the report says.

As male and female colleagues develop better working relationships, their tendencies towards gender bias and stereotyping will decline, it notes.

More ideas here:

Men make a difference: How to engage men on gender equality, Dr Michael Flood and Dr Graeme Russell, Diversity Council Australia, June 2017

and here:

Five bold ideas for shifting the dial on women in business by 2020, Baker McKenzie and Women's Agenda, June 2017

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