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How Gen X Work Commitment Hinges on Career Development

Monday, 4 June 2018

How Gen X Work Commitment Hinges on Career Development

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From a post by hrdaily:

Their study of 1,530 employees in the public sector found Generation X employees (born 1962 to 1975) reciprocated their career development satisfaction both positively (in the form of commitment) and negatively (in neglect of their work). Baby Boomers (born 1946 to 1961), however, didn't reciprocate in either way.

"Our research suggests that an employee's perception of their career development satisfaction is determined, in part, by their generational membership. We find that Generation X employees, who have a high need to develop their skills and experience, are more likely to take steps to ensure their needs are met," they said.

Organisations should consult employees to ensure the career development initiatives offered align with their expectations, and HR professionals should ensure managers provide developmental feedback when conducting performance reviews, to demonstrate the organisation cares, the researchers said.

But they warn employers not to focus their efforts only on Gen X employees and overlook Baby Boomers, whose work ethic and years of experience "are the repository of organisational knowledge".

"By establishing strong knowledge management and transfer programs, such as documentation, job transfers, and mentor relationships, HR leadership can ensure that Boomers' critical experience and knowledge is shared with Generation X... This will provide Generation X with the skills and experiences they seek and potentially break down negative generational stereotypes and intergenerational conflict."

The generational 'exchange' rate: How generations convert career development satisfaction into organisational commitment or neglect of work, Human Resources Management Journal, May 2018

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