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Crime Trends - Is Your CCTV Infrastructure Up to the Job?

Introduction Crime trends and criminal modus operandi are never stagnant. Barringtons have conducted meetings with the Police Armed Hold Up Squad (AHUS) for many years to keep abreast of the latest crime trends and investigative tools to ensure all our training examples and information are current and relevant.  It also allows club security, operations and gaming managers to be provided the latest crime information available. The fact that many of Barringtons investigators and trainers ...




Designing out Crime – CPTED Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

The theory of CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design), is about manipulating the built environment to prevent delinquency and crime. Through urban  design,  including  the  design  of residences, public buildings, high rise, streets,  parks, terminals,  super  highways, one  could  prevent  crime  by  reducing  the "opportunities".The initial risk assessment should be based on business activities and local area (demographics, ethnic blends, religious and cultural impacts, ...




The Ins and Outs of Bollards

Are you considering the installation of bollards to protect your business premises?   Here is some information on what bollards do and key considerations before moving forward with this security measure: How to Choose a Bollard for Your Purposes If the bollards are for security or protection, a strengthened impact-absorbing bollard would be the ideal choice as they provide the necessary strength and resilience. Asset protection bollards for banks, ATM’s, government assets and high ...




How Do You Stop Staff Bar Theft?

There are three (3) courses of action Club Management should consider when determining how to cease this type of activity. Covert Investigation; Covert Physical Observations; or Review of practices and procedures. Covert Operation Industrially, adequate evidence is required for disciplinary action, or termination of employment. Evidence is also required to substantiate criminal charges should an employer wish this course of action. In all cases, it is our recommendation that a ...




What You Need to Know About Risk Assessments

Barringtons has streamlined its operational risk assessment model that allows them to concentrate on identified areas of concern in your business without undertaking a full operational risk assessment. Each individual assessment incorporates a review of the specific area of operation, full report and recommendations for improvement. The following is a list of the areas of operation that can be addressed: Point of Sale operations (review & procedure) Safe Operations (review & ...


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Tharwal Aboriginal Corporation Aboriginal Medical Service Celebrate 100% Completion

18 Graduates from Barringtons Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

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ACAMS (Tharwal Aboriginal Corporation Aboriginal Medical Service) is located in the suburb of Airds in the Macarthur region of south western Sydney. Their mission is to move forward to provide a quality service that combines traditional values with commitment to enhance health and wellbeing for Aboriginal communities of the Sydney South Western region.

Liquor & Gaming NSW Decisions - 15

Commerical Hotel Motel Lithgow

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From 1 March 2015, Liquor & Gaming NSW (L&GNSW) is required by Part 5 of the Gaming and Liquor Administration Act 2007 to publish on its website notices of certain decisions by the Secretary of the Department of Justice (the Secretary) or the respective L&GNSW delegate.