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Business Continuity Management Vs. Emergency Management

From an article by Gary Ng Is there actually a difference between these two concepts? Emergency Management typically resides in the field of "fast action" emergency response to a given hazard or crisis, and involves response plans and standard operating procedures for situations involving fires, floods, road traffic accidents, rescue operations, and so on. It is generally a subset in the management field pertaining to managing emergency response situations. Those in the EMT, fire and ...




Crisis, Emergency and Business Continuity Plans - What You Need to Know

Do you know the difference between a Crisis, Emergency and a Business Continuity Plan? Here’s what you need to know… A crisis is an event or series of events that have such an impact on an organisation or group that normal business operations cease and without the correct remedial action, the long term survival of the organisation or group is at serious risk. Examples of Crisis include: extortion, kidnap, product contamination, industrial dispute, the result of numerous hold ups or ...


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