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Could your Organisation Benefit From Reverse Mentoring?

From a post by hrdaily: Reverse mentoring is an under-rated but valuable way for companies to break down generational biases and build mutual respect between senior leaders and younger workers, according to a specialist in the field. The concept of reverse mentoring was developed by GE CEO Jack Welch in the 1990s, as a way to bring senior employees up to speed with new technology. But Right Management account director Lizzie Allen told HR Daily today's best exponents are reaping ...




Aon Hewitt's 2015 Best Employer Research Finds - It's All About Change Management

From a post by hrdaily: This year's study on Best Employers found the top-ranking companies are able to drive increased discretionary effort from their workforce as a result of more effective, outcomes-focused people management practices. Of the 92,500-plus workers surveyed across 148 employers, more than 70 per cent recognised the need for organisations to continually evolve and adapt to changing market forces. Almost nine out of 10 (88%) of employees at Best Employers believe change ...




HR Expenditure Moves from Recruitment to Training and Development

From a post by hrdaily: HR professionals are shifting their expenditure from recruitment to training and development, according to a report from technology provider Halogen Software.  More than half (57%) of HR professionals plan to lift their training spend in the next three years, compared to one in five (19%) who will plug more funds into recruitment, says the report, which is based on a survey of more than 500 HR and talent management professionals, including close to 100 from ...




Age Discrimination Wake Up Call for Employers

From a post by hrdaily: A report confirming age discrimination is widespread in Australian workplaces is a strong reminder for employers to be hyper vigilant in disciplinary processes involving older workers, says employment lawyer Andrew Jewell.  The age discrimination survey by the Australian Human Rights Commission found that more than a quarter of Australians aged 50 years and over had experienced some form of age discrimination in the last two years.  Jewell, a senior associate ...




5 Common Mistakes in Workplace Investigation Process

From a post  by Catherine Gillespie on hrdaily community: 
Workplace investigations require a thorough, unbiased and procedurally fair approach. There are common mistakes made during all phases of the investigation process that can put the integrity of the investigation at risk. 

#1 – Not being responsive Taking too long to respond to a complaint can lead to a bigger issue developing and the risk of legal intervention. An employer has a duty of care to act promptly and to keep the ...



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How can we better address workplace bullying in Australia?

Nearly 50 per cent of all Australian workers have experienced workplace bullying during their careers. What can leaders do to prevent and address this?

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Nearly 50 per cent of all Australian workers have experienced workplace bullying during their careers. What can leaders do to prevent and address this?