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9 Core Components in a Pre-Employment Background Check

From an article by Leo Ma: 

Nowadays, many organizations are doing all sort of different pre-employment background checks. However, as this is still a fairly new industry in majority of the world, many still do not have a clue of what a pre-employment background check is about. In this article, I will lay out some of the common pre-employment screening components together with a brief description: 1. Criminal record check: Check to see if the job candidate has committed any crime ...




Candidate Vetting - Beware Resume Frauds

From an article by Darwin Redshield:  Vetting candidates is one of the most important tasks in the process of hiring new employees, whether they are vying for entry level positions or a corner office executive position. More than one high-profile company has been embarrassed in recent years by headlines in the national press revealing that one of their top executives was hired based on falsified or exaggerated credentials While a bad hire in your company might not make headlines, it ...




3 Core Tips in Pre-Employment Background Check to Improve Your Recruitment Process

From an article by Leo Ma:  As pre-employment screening is getting more popular and common in the recruitment process, it is important for us as a HR professional to know the best practice. Here are 3 core tips related to pre-employment background check for you to improve your recruitment process: 1. Study the work history: the best predictor of a job candidate's future performance is not the interview performance but the previous job performance. We should always ring up at least ...




Importance of Background Checks

From an Article by Dmitry Fedosev : The use of background report is becoming a common phenomenon in today's job market. The corporate world is requiring all its employees or job applicants to undertake checks to ensure all the information they provide is truthful. The need for caution is even more now than earlier mainly because of safety and security measures. No matter the status or position of your employment, a check into one's life has to be done. Fear has risen among employees ...




What Employers Need to Know About Background Checks

From an article by Anna Mathieu: When hiring someone into your company, you vet them for their experience and  ability to present themselves professionally. You verify their expertise and  skills first by absorbing their resume and then getting acquainted in one or  more interviews. Most hiring managers have a good sense of people and can feel  pretty confident about the personal qualities, skill set and cultural fit to the  company. Nonetheless, taking someone at face value can be risky. ...


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