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Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) - Barringtons RTO "Demonstrated Consistently Compliant"

Barringtons Training Services are pleased to announce that ASQA has assigned it the highest level of compliance under its 6 categories of compliance.

The Compliance History indicator is based on information about compliance found through audits and complaints, and also takes into account a provider’s ability to meet standard reporting and payment requirements. A provider’s Compliance History is an indicator of the provider’s historical compliance with core regulatory obligations.




Background Checks - Four Tips for Employers

From an article by Neal Custer:

Poorly-executed background checks pose a significant problem for both  businesses and employees. The entire purpose behind a background check is  establishing trust between two parties; a business risks their own integrity by  hiring somebody they know nothing about. Likewise, they risk ruining the  reputation of perfectly good employees by reacting to a false positive - that  is, information that appears during a background check that is actually  ...




9 Core Components in a Pre-Employment Background Check

From an article by Leo Ma: 

Nowadays, many organizations are doing all sort of different pre-employment background checks. However, as this is still a fairly new industry in majority of the world, many still do not have a clue of what a pre-employment background check is about. In this article, I will lay out some of the common pre-employment screening components together with a brief description: 1. Criminal record check: Check to see if the job candidate has committed any crime ...




Candidate Vetting - Beware Resume Frauds

From an article by Darwin Redshield:  Vetting candidates is one of the most important tasks in the process of hiring new employees, whether they are vying for entry level positions or a corner office executive position. More than one high-profile company has been embarrassed in recent years by headlines in the national press revealing that one of their top executives was hired based on falsified or exaggerated credentials While a bad hire in your company might not make headlines, it ...




Bullying & Harassment Prevention Should Be "Part of Core Business"

Employers need to prevent and manage psychological hazards in the same way they'd manage any other potential workplace hazard or safety matter, occupational psychologist Dr Moira Jenkins says in her book, Preventing and managing workplace bullying and harassment: A risk management approach.   More insight from Jenkins in an hrdaily article: The first step is to assess the prevalence of risks that might be present in the organisation or specific departments, in relation to: organisational ...


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Tharwal Aboriginal Corporation Aboriginal Medical Service Celebrate 100% Completion

18 Graduates from Barringtons Certificate IV in Leadership and Management

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ACAMS (Tharwal Aboriginal Corporation Aboriginal Medical Service) is located in the suburb of Airds in the Macarthur region of south western Sydney. Their mission is to move forward to provide a quality service that combines traditional values with commitment to enhance health and wellbeing for Aboriginal communities of the Sydney South Western region.

Liquor & Gaming NSW Decisions - 15

Commerical Hotel Motel Lithgow

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From 1 March 2015, Liquor & Gaming NSW (L&GNSW) is required by Part 5 of the Gaming and Liquor Administration Act 2007 to publish on its website notices of certain decisions by the Secretary of the Department of Justice (the Secretary) or the respective L&GNSW delegate.