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Candidate Vetting - Beware Resume Frauds

From an article by Darwin Redshield:  Vetting candidates is one of the most important tasks in the process of hiring new employees, whether they are vying for entry level positions or a corner office executive position. More than one high-profile company has been embarrassed in recent years by headlines in the national press revealing that one of their top executives was hired based on falsified or exaggerated credentials While a bad hire in your company might not make headlines, it ...




Bullying & Harassment Prevention Should Be "Part of Core Business"

Employers need to prevent and manage psychological hazards in the same way they'd manage any other potential workplace hazard or safety matter, occupational psychologist Dr Moira Jenkins says in her book, Preventing and managing workplace bullying and harassment: A risk management approach.   More insight from Jenkins in an hrdaily article: The first step is to assess the prevalence of risks that might be present in the organisation or specific departments, in relation to: organisational ...




Tips for Developing A Successful Emergency/Crisis Management Program

From an article by Scott David Rodgers: 

Emergency/Crisis Management Planning needs vary with the industry, type of operations, and regulatory applicability; however, the following guidelines can be used for any situation: WHAT ARE YOUR HAZARDS? The first step is to identify vulnerabilities and hazards associated with your operation. No one understands your operation better than you.




Get Communication Right During Emergency Management

From an article by Paul Baker: A crisis is defined by a series of events occurring rapidly and unplanned in an area that you manage. The importance of excellent communication cannot be stated enough, because all your decisions as the emergency manager are based on the information gained from all the responders and witnesses to the disaster. In fact, a good emergency management plan will have a dedicated communication position and their sole responsibility is to coordinate all the ...




Emergency Management - An Investment, Not a Cost

From an article by Russell Boon

 When setting your budget or making a case for the necessary funds for an emergency management program a common assumption may see your endeavours not reach their full potential. Many people, Chief Executive Officer's and Chief Financial Officers alike, view requests for funding with regards to emergency management as a cost. Like everything else on their spreadsheet, emergency management is something that incurs allocation of valuable revenue and competes ...



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‘Tis the season to be jolly sensible

Tips for Employers

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The office Christmas party can be a great place to unwind, celebrate your wins and socialise with your staff and work colleagues. But unwind a little too much, or fail to act on employee’s complaints about inappropriate behaviour towards them, and your business, culture and potentially bottom line can take a big hit.